Volvo XC90 Trek through Pyrenees

I teamed up with Spanish producer Dany Vives Jenny of Beeline Productions based in Barcelona for a 5 trek through the mountains of Spain and France.

An epic journey that spanned 1400 kilometers of amazing roads.  Starting in the French Pyrenees for a sunrise lakeside shot, we struck just the right angle and perspective in the dark while we watched the sun hit the mountain peeks.  From there, we moved to a mountain ski resort town for a dramatic sunset along a mountain road.  The view of the alpine town below was amazing as the sun set and the golden leaves glistened in the warm light.  From there it was a string of small medieval towns that just blew my mind.  What a contrast between this highly technologically advanced car and the old 1000 year old roads and buildings.  We ended in Barcelona just in time for my flight back to the states.


Retouched by Gloss Post Production.


Retouched by Recom Framhouse NYC.


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