Rock Creek Lake

Had our first family vacation in years visiting our favorite camping location in the Eastern Sierras. Rock Creek lake located at 8500 feet above see level. It is truly a heavenly place on Earth. We stayed for 6 days and 5 nights. It was cold at night getting to as low at 40 degrees which is manageable but not so much for a 6 year old boy not used to zipping up into a mummy bag. I, on the other hand, was plenty warm. The days were amazing with perfect temperatures and lots of sun. For as much as I loved the vacation, everyday, twice a day, I was traveling down the hill for 20 minutes (driving) as I was bidding on a couple of projects Which hit at the end of the week. So the way to land a project, just go on vacation. The pictures below is from our favorite hike that starts from the Mosquito Flats trail head towards the “Little Lakes” trail. So much water/ snow from the winter earlier this year.

Til next time…


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