My son, Cooper, like most other boys with runaway imaginations, comes up with the most incredible concepts/ ideas. For instance, yesterday he had a finger smashed in the door. Last night the finger nail started to turn black. My wife mistakenly said to him that the nail might fall off. That led to 20 minutes of questions about the subject. Finally, he told her that he was going to put it under his pillow in hopes the tooth fairy would want it and give him some money in exchange.

Right now, he wants a new DS game. We told him to save his money and he can buy one. Some friends of ours are opening up a new restaurant in downtown Long Beach (Beachwood BBQ). Saturday night was the soft opening and we were invited. He came up with an idea to sell some rocks and bottle caps from his collection that he no longer wanted. You have to understand here that he is constantly coming up with ideas to make money. We told him that if he wanted to try and sell some of those items, that he would have to pick which ones he no longer wanted and that he would need to organize them in a way that displayed them properly. So he did that. Cooper indicated to us that he wanted to sell each for $1.00. For one dollar, you could pick out either a rock or bottle cap. Because this was not his first attempt to sell stuff to complete strangers, he already has a routine. Long Beach has a promenade with shops restaurants, etc… He held out the tray and approached people to ask them if they would like to purchase a rock or bottle cap.

To help him out, I would distract him while my wife would find someone to give money who then would buy a rock. I would then direct him to walk in perspective clients direction so that he to ask if they would be interested. So we did this a couple of times. But he also managed to sell to complete strangers walking down the street. It was amazing. In the end, he had made $13. $7 from us and the rest from strangers.

In the end, we found some old school comic books to read from a dollar book store. He has recently discovered comics.

So here are a couple of images from the experience. I cannot wait for him to get older so I can tell him the story and show him the pics.


2 thoughts on “Cooper

    • Thanks Jon! You know what I’m talking about too. It’s so great especially when they are young. But then they grow up and you get to race Porsche cars!


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