Jackson Wyoming for Subaru

What a crazy year it has been. I am now just getting around to writing an entry for a job I shot in March. Not just any job, however, it was a back country shoot in the Jackson Wyoming/ Grand Teton National Park area. To get to these back country locations, we relied on snow shoes, cross country skies, down hill skiing and the most fun, a 40 mile snow machine ride into the Gross Ventre mountain area. The purpose/ goal of the shoot was to get those great snow locations that the car cannot get to. Translate… We are going into the woods to shoot landscapes. Right up my alley. Local (amazing) producer Gregg Goodyear, The Designory Inc AD Terry Prine and myself spent 5 days finding and shooting landscapes that can be used for Subaru backgrounds. We found some amazing locations and got some great shots proving that we can think outside of the box taking a different, more organic approach to getting the shot.

In this day and age, innovation, flexibility is a necessity. This project illustrates that innovation works. All it takes is the willingness to take that step leading to a different path.



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