relationships of shapes

As I am assembling new images for the portfolio, I can’t help but to think about how we design our images. I know that when I am creating a treatment for a project, that I am conceptualizing the ideas of how I would like to construct an image. The terms are vague and almost academic in nature. How a narrative could be strung through a series of images. How one image relates to the next… The challenge always becomes how that is accomplished given the various constraints of an assignment. I know that I am thinking about certain things when I am shooting; layout, positioning of the elements, spacial relationships. What I find striking is that given the academic exercise up to the point to actually pressing the shutter, an image reveals itself in the end that I have no real recollection of consciously creating. There is some sort of conversation occurring that I may not even be conscious of. I think this is where true creativity comes from. Not the absolute control of the situation but being open to a conversation inside one’s mind that allows for creativity. When I am performing an angle study, I always feel tentative the first couple of frames. Something usually happens after that certain point where I am not simply looking at the scene but actually seeing what is contained within it. It is a remarkable transformation and transition that occurs. It is the euphoria that drives my passion for photography. Whether it’s assignment or personal work, that conversation with myself that leads to the capture of the image that is the reward. That’s why I have to take my camera everywhere I go. The conversation never ends.


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