video content up on at-edge

The online resource and source book for photographers at-edge has added video content to their site. I have just posted the Q7 spot that I worked with Pablo Santiago to that site. There are currently 2 other photographers with video content posted to site. It’s exciting to have a place to promote motion work.

I consider motion work the 3-D of photography. The “Z” axis in this case would be the space in which the image can travel into through the motion of 24 fps. The 2D aspect of photography is broken with the ability of the motion camera to enter into the space that the still camera is stuck capturing from the outside.

When I made my first film in school, what struck me the most was the dynamic nature of the moving image. In my mind, it was still simply a photograph. But the reality is way more complicated than that. It has been my fascination ever since.

Today, I am anxiously waiting for the next motion project. I have one in the works that will hopefully shoot before years’ end. I feel that once this video gets out through the at-edge site, I will have a great deal of interest in providing motion content for clients.


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