New work/ Automotive

I’ve just recently completed a lot of new work.  One image that stands out for me is in the transportation area of my work.  Recent Lincoln MKZ shot is going to be one of my new favorites.  First of all, it is the latest in my red car trend.  There’s something about a red car that is light properly.  It is simply a stunning color to work with.  And with my new creative track, red cars work perfectly the look.  The Lincoln image is important because I have fully embraced the sun.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that there is no better light source than the sun, or the absence of it to light faceted sheet metal.  The MKZ shot is mostly light by the sun with supplemental light only to enhance the shape of the sheet metal where the sun cannot have it’s own impact.  But the trick is to not add un-motivated light but to merely show shape.  Ultimately, I do not want the lighting to detract from the car design.  This type of lighting requires a certain type of location.  That would be big blue open skies.  So the trick is to find locations that both allow for the big open sky but also have an interesting architectural/ background element.  This shot contains such a location.  The sun traveled through the scene at just the right spot with the position of the car.  The end result is an image that is warm and inviting.  The sheet metal is perfectly light by the sun and some supplemental strobes.  The overall look is a modern take on a classic look.


One thought on “New work/ Automotive

  1. Dave,

    This is a beautiful shot. The car is a wonderful focal point alongside the interesting and engaging architecture. The setting sun adds to the natural setting and makes the image authentic in many ways. Well done and refreshing in an otherwise overly contrived photographic theme.


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