Detroit Rock City

Finally getting around to posting about my trip to Detroit. First of all, I have to say that again, traveling to the midwest is amazing. I don’t understand why it should be a novelty to meet nice people. Just like Minneapolis, I am struck at how the people in Detroit are so nice. For as large of an epicenter of the American Automotive industry, it appears to be a pretty small advertising community. Everyone I met knew everyone. I was telling everyone I met hello for another person at a different agency. Pretty funny.

I would have to say that it was a very successful trip. 8 agencies in 2 days. That was pretty awesome. I felt like coming away from Detroit that I have a good sense of what is going on. Despite it all, it seems upbeat and there is definitely stuff happening in that city.

Before my Leo B visit, I stumbled upon this huge complex that was formerly the Kmart headquarters.  The building complex ran the whole block with a huge parking lot behind the building.  Completely empty.  It was amazing to see such a site.  I witnessed that kind of scene at a couple of different places around town.  It was a beautiful place even if it was completely empty.  I shot both just before my meeting (making me late) and later that night just as the sun was setting.

I also spent some time checking out the sites that included the downtown area.  The contrast from block to block was remarkable.  I could see these beautiful glass and steal buildings but just 2 blocks away were burned out empty huge buildings.  It was insane to see such extremes in such a small area.  I did find this little spot that was so serene.  The light was falling just so perfectly between these 2 buildings.  It was quite a moment to simply take it in and snap a couple of images.

One of the highlights from my trip was that I stumbled upon this great little neighborhood on my way to Team Detroit.  This place took me back to my Grandmother’s house in Madison WI when I was growing up.  I’d have to say that the image below sums up best my trip to Detroit.

Thanks to everyone in Detroit for your hospitality and kindness. Hope to see everyone soon.


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