the end is near

Pablo Santiago and I are nearing completion of a project that is 14 months in the making. January 1st 2008, Pablo and I met for tea to discuss our futures. As it turns out, we had pretty much the same ideas. From that point, we have worked together to get to this point. We are near completion of what I like to call a unified marketing campaign spec project. We have collaborated using our respective specialties to create a team that is a force to be reckoned with. We both excel in our respective fields when it comes to marrying new technologies with creative concepts. When we combined our respective talents, we came up with an all encompassing marketing campaign that includes video content, interactive 360 spins and object movies, wallpaper, high res print advertising quality images and cg rendered images.

In the next week or two, we will be completing the final edit of our video and color time the shots. We will then begin promoting this concept to potential clients. To date, we have had some preliminary reviews of our work and it has been extremely positive.

I will update this blog as we begin to unveil this project:


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